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Today We Reach 3,000 Days Binary Retention

Today we have reached a new milestone in usenet performance. We have officially hit 3,000 days of binary retention. That means that no article posted in the last 3,000 days has been lost due to a lack of storage space.

Celebrating 2500 Days of Retention

We’ve reached a huge milestone today by officially hitting 2500 days of usenet retention in our binary newsgroups. 11 years ago, when NGD was just getting started, retention was commonly in the 14-24 day range. It’s hard to believe just how far we’ve come. Vastly improved hard drive technology and dwindling storage costs have made this monumental growth possible.

Usenet Retention Reaches 4 Years

Break out the champagne! NewsgroupDirect is proud to announce that our usenet retention just reached another milestone. We have no surpassed 4 YEARS of retention. Maybe we should start advertising retention in terms of years instead of days? We’re not stopping at 4 years, we’ll continue increasing retention every single day.