Group Spotlight: Newsgroups for Legal Questions

An interesting collection of newsgroups that we carry is the legal groups. These are text groups that should not be overlooked when looking for answers to legal questions.

Law related newsgroups have users seeking for answers on some questions about law practices and other legal needs. Often, the discussions on newsgroups are categorized and this can surely help the users to find answers on their search. If you cannot find any discussions about your legal concern then you are free to start one; just make sure that it is in law-related newsgroup or it can be deleted by the administrators as off-topic or spam. Most administrators who establish and maintain legal related newsgroups are academic or professional institutions.

Usenet Court Tips

An example of a law related discussion is about competition law. Since this involves different perspectives on the participation of consumers and entrepreneurs on market economy, it is a must to know the ideas of other professionals on the different approaches that are available. You can really consider these groups as one of the largest legal resources available as it provides links on different research materials as well. Imagine getting this huge amount of materials on antitrust and trade regulations.

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