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Features In Depth: Header Compression

Header compression is a method for vastly improving the download time for usenet headers. The are hundreds of thousands of newsgroups available on usenet. Some of those groups have millions of articles, which means millions of headers.

Usenet for File Backups

We’ve had a few users ask about using usenet for personal file backups (the process is known as uBackup) over the past year, so we thought it would be a good idea to provide a bit of an intro. It’s a different use for usenet, but one that works and should be considered if you need to backup your personal data. Uploading files to usenet doesn’t count against your monthly usage (at least with NewsgroupDirect), so it’s free and unlimited. Plus, with retention now effectively infinite you don’t have to worry about every losing your data.

10 Ways to Get Effective Answers to Your Post

Have you ever posted a question or comment, only to find that you?re not getting any feedback what so ever? NewsgroupDirect has 10 great tips to get the most from your post and your question answered fast.

Usenet Guide for Mac Users

We’ve just launched a new feature on our website, our Usenet Guide for Mac Users. This guide gives Mac users everything they need to know to get started with usenet. Be sure to check it out and let us know if you have any other tips to add to it.

Usenet Readers for Linux has recently posted a good piece about the best newsreader options for Linux users. The article centers around Linux apps KNode and Pan, which are GUI-based newsreaders. Check it out.