New and Improved Free Trial

We’ve decided to make some changes to our free trial process. Our old free trial was for 14 days and 1 GB of usage. That system worked great, as it gave our users plenty of time to decide if our service was right for them, but the 1 GB usage limit caused a lot of customers to leave their free trial quicker than they anticipated. To improve that and to insure that we’re giving our customers as much information about our service as possible we’ve decided to change the free trial terms to 7 days and 15 GB of usage. The increased usage should allow our newest users to see how fast and reliable our servers are as well as the quality of our retention and completion.

We hope that you enjoy this new and improved free trial process. We believe that it will benefit our newest customers greatly.

2 comments on “New and Improved Free Trial

  1. Hi! European customers are definitely eligible for the trial, you would just have to pay using a Visa/MC/Amex/Discover credit card. Our Worldpay configuration isn’t letting us handle trials at the moment, but we’re working on it.