Usenet Goes Mobile

Like most everything else now, usenet has gone mobile. There are various usenet mobile apps available depending on what type of mobile device you have. Mobile devices are usually only fast enough to handle text newsgroups at this point, so the functionality is still somewhat limited compared to your home computer, but it’s a start. Here are some of our favorite mobile usenet apps.

NewsTap – iPhone/iPad – $3.99

Newstap is the original mobile usenet app. For $3.99 you get the universal app, which works on both iPhone and iPad. There is also a Newstap Lite version for free.

PhoNews – iPhone – Free

PhoNews is a new iPhone usenet client. It has a very nice interface and a lot of potential for future development.

Mews – Windows Mobile – Free

Mews is a great looking alternative for Windows Mobile users. It’s freeware, so give it a try.

Rubasoft Nzb Mobile – Windows Mobile – $14.95

Nzb Mobile is a ssl-enabled, nzb-compatible reader for Windows Mobile. It’s pretty costly at $14.95, but it may be worth it if you need the features it provides.

Newzdroid – Android – Free

Similar to Nzb Mobile, Newzdroid offer nzb management for Android Users.

Do you have any other favorite mobile newsreaders? List them in the comments section.

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