Text Group Downsizing Discussion

Big 8The Big 8 is considering downsizing 198 text groups that they perceive as not being used. Please reply back to them in news.announce.newgroups, news.groups.proposals, or news.groups if you believe that those groups should be kept. Discussion on the removal of the groups is expected to last at least 8 weeks.

List of Groups Considered for Downsizing

comp.arch.bus.vmebus - Hardware and software for VMEbus Systems.
comp.archives.msdos.d - Discussion of materials available in MSDOS archives.
comp.bbs.tbbs - The Bread Board System bulletin board software.
comp.bbs.tsx - TSX BBS discussions.
comp.bugs.2bsd - Reports of UNIX* version 2BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.4bsd - Reports of UNIX version 4BSD related bugs.
comp.bugs.sys5 - Reports of USG (System III, V, etc.) bugs.
comp.compilers.tools.pccts - Construction of compilers and tools with PCCTS.
comp.databases.revelation - All products produced by Revelation Software.
comp.dcom.frame-relay - Technology and issues regarding frame relay networks.
comp.dcom.isdn - The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN).
comp.dcom.lans.fddi -  Discussions of the FDDI protocol suite.
comp.dcom.lans.token-ring - Installing and using token ring networks.
comp.dcom.servers - Selecting and operating data communications servers.
comp.dcom.sys.bay-networks - Bay Networks hardware, software, other products.
comp.emulators.freemware - Open source PC Virtualisation software.
comp.emulators.mac.executor - ARDI's Mac emulator, Executor.
comp.games.development.art - Creative use of visual art in games.
comp.games.development.audio - Music, sound, speech production.
comp.graphics.api.inventor - Object-oriented 3D graphics in Inventor.
comp.graphics.api.pexlib - The PEXlib application programming interface.
comp.graphics.apps.avs - The Application Visualization System.
comp.graphics.apps.data-explorer - IBM's Visualization Data Explorer (DX).
comp.graphics.apps.freehand - Questions, answers, tips and suggestions.
comp.graphics.apps.iris-explorer - The IRIS Explorer, aka MVE.
comp.graphics.apps.softimage - Softimage applications and products.
comp.graphics.apps.wavefront - Wavefront software products, problems, etc.
comp.groupware.groupwise - Novell's Groupwise product (Wordperfect Office).
comp.infosystems.harvest - Harvest information discovery and access system.
comp.infosystems.interpedia - The Internet Encyclopedia.
comp.infosystems.intranet - Intranet topics.
comp.infosystems.www.advocacy - Comments and arguments over the best and worst.
comp.infosystems.www.databases - Web Database Integration.
comp.infosystems.www.servers.mac - Web servers for the Macintosh platform.
comp.internet.services.social.myspace - Teenage social networking.
comp.ivideodisc - Interactive videodiscs -- uses, potential, etc.
comp.lang.basic.visual.3rdparty - Add-ins for Visual Basic.
comp.lang.limbo - The Inferno OS's Limbo programming language.
comp.lang.lisp.mcl - Discussing Apple's Macintosh Common Lisp.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.advocacy - Contentious issues related to Delphi.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.usage - Using pre-written components.
comp.lang.pascal.delphi.components.writing - Writing Delphi components.
comp.lang.sather - The object-oriented computer language Sather.
comp.lsi.cad - Electrical Computer Aided Design.
comp.mail.list-admin.policy - Policy issues in running mailing lists.
comp.mail.mush - The Mail User's Shell (MUSH).
comp.mail.smail - Administering & using the smail email transport system.
comp.mail.zmail - The various Z-Mail products and their configurability.
comp.org.cpsr.talk - Issues of computing and social responsibility.
comp.org.decus - Digital Equipment Computer Users' Society newsgroup.
comp.org.eff.talk - Discussion of EFF goals, strategies, etc.
comp.org.issnnet - The International Student Society for Neural Networks.
comp.org.sug - Talk about/for the The Sun User's Group.
comp.org.user-groups.apcug - Association of Personal Computer User Groups.
comp.org.user-groups.management - Running a user group.
comp.org.user-groups.newsletters - User group newsletter Production.
comp.os.chorus - CHORUS microkernel issues, research and developments.
comp.os.inferno - The Inferno network operating system from Lucent.
comp.os.lantastic - The LANtastic network operating system.
comp.os.ms-windows.apps.comm - MS-Windows communication applications.
comp.os.ms-windows.apps.compatibility.win95 - Running DOS&Win3 apps in Win95.
comp.os.ms-windows.apps.utilities.win3x - Utility/add-on programs for Win3.x.
comp.os.ms-windows.apps.winsock.mail - Winsock email applications.
comp.os.ms-windows.apps.winsock.news - Winsock news applications.
comp.os.ms-windows.networking.ras - Windows RAS networking.
comp.os.ms-windows.nt.advocacy - Windows NT advocacy arguments.
comp.os.ms-windows.nt.pre-release - Unreleased and beta Windows NT versions.
comp.os.ms-windows.nt.setup.hardware - Windows NT hardware setup.
comp.os.ms-windows.pre-release - Pre-release/beta versions of Windows.
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.multimedia - Multimedia programming.
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.tools.owl - OWL-based development for Windows.
comp.os.ms-windows.programmer.winhelp - WinHelp/Multimedia Viewer development.
comp.os.ms-windows.setup.win3x - Setup, hardware, and driver issues in Win3.x.
comp.os.ms-windows.setup.win95 - Setup, hardware, and driver issues in Win95.
comp.os.ms-windows.win95.setup - Setup and Configuration of Windows 95.
comp.os.msdos.mail-news - Administering mail & network news systems under MS-DOS.
comp.os.netware.security - Netware Security issues.
comp.os.os2.comm - Modem/Fax hardware/drivers/apps/utils under OS/2.
comp.os.os2.programmer.oop - Programming system objects (SOM, WPS, etc).
comp.os.os2.scitech - Real-time, engineering/CAD, sciences, etc.
comp.os.parix - Forum for users of the parallel operating system PARIX.
comp.os.xinu - The XINU operating system from Purdue (D. Comer).
comp.protocols.appletalk - Applebus hardware & software.
comp.protocols.ibm - Networking with IBM mainframes.
comp.protocols.iso - The ISO protocol stack.
comp.publish.cdrom.multimedia - Software for multimedia authoring & publishing.
comp.publish.electronic.developer - Electronic publishing developer tools.
comp.publish.electronic.end-user - Electronic publishing end-user tools.
comp.security.gss-api - Generic Security Service Application Program Interface.
comp.security.pgp.resources - PGP related resources, information and more.
comp.society - The impact of technology on society.
comp.society.development - Computer technology in developing countries.
comp.soft-sys.app-builder.appware - Novell's visual development environment.
comp.soft-sys.app-builder.dynasty - Dynasty Development.
comp.soft-sys.khoros - The Khoros X11 visualization system.
comp.soft-sys.middleware.opendoc - OpenDoc and its related technologies.
comp.soft-sys.shazam - The SHAZAM econometrics computer program.
comp.soft-sys.stat.systat - The statistical program package SYSTAT.
comp.sources.games.bugs - Bug reports and fixes for posted game software.
comp.specification.larch - Larch family of formal specification languages.
comp.std.internat - Discussion about international standards.
comp.sys.alliant - Info and discussion about Alliant computers.
comp.sys.amiga.datacomm - Methods of getting bytes in and out.
comp.sys.amiga.multimedia - Animations, video, & multimedia.
comp.sys.amiga.networking - Amiga networking software/hardware.
comp.sys.amiga.uucp - Amiga UUCP packages.
comp.sys.apple2.gno - The AppleIIgs GNO multitasking environment.
comp.sys.be.advocacy - Why BeOS is better/worse than XYZ.
comp.sys.be.programmer - Topics related to BeOS programming.
comp.sys.convex - Convex computer systems hardware and software.
comp.sys.harris - Harris computer systems, especially real-time systems.
comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.marketplace - PC clone games wanted and for sale.
comp.sys.ibm.pc.soundcard.advocacy - Advocacy for a particular soundcard.
comp.sys.intergraph - Intergraph hardware and software products.
comp.sys.isis - The ISIS distributed system from Cornell.
comp.sys.mac.games.adventure - Adventure games for the Macintosh.
comp.sys.mac.oop.macapp3 - Version 3 of the MacApp object oriented system.
comp.sys.mac.oop.powerplant - Metrowerks' PowerPlant (CodeWarrior) Framework.
comp.sys.mac.oop.tcl - Symantec's THINK Class Library for object programming.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.codewarrior - Macintosh programming using CodeWarrior.
comp.sys.mac.programmer.games - Macintosh game programming.
comp.sys.net-computer.advocacy - Relative merits of Network Computers.
comp.sys.next.advocacy - The NeXT religion.
comp.sys.next.bugs - Discussion and solutions for known NeXT bugs.
comp.sys.nsc.32k - National Semiconductor 32000 series chips.
comp.sys.proteon - Proteon gateway products.
comp.sys.psion.comm - Discussions about Psion communications.
comp.sys.psion.marketplace - Buy and sell Psion computers and accessories.
comp.sys.ridge - Ridge 32 computers and ROS.
comp.sys.sequent - Sequent systems, (Balance and Symmetry).
comp.sys.sgi.audio - Audio on SGI systems.
comp.sys.sgi.graphics - Graphics packages and issues on SGI machines.
comp.sys.tahoe - CCI 6/32, Harris HCX/7, & Sperry 7000 computers.
comp.text.desktop - Technology & techniques of desktop publishing.
comp.unix.advocacy - Arguments for and against Unix and Unix versions.
comp.unix.cde - The Common Desktop Environment.
comp.unix.large - UNIX on mainframes and in large networks.
comp.unix.machten - The MachTen operating system and related issues.
comp.unix.pc-clone.16bit - UNIX on 286 architectures.
comp.unix.pc-clone.32bit - UNIX on 386 and 486 architectures.
comp.unix.sys3 - System III UNIX discussions.
comp.unix.sys5.r3 - Discussing System V Release 3.
comp.unix.xenix.sco - XENIX versions from the Santa Cruz Operation.
comp.windows.garnet - The Garnet user interface development environment.
comp.windows.interviews - The InterViews object-oriented windowing system.
comp.windows.open-look - Discussion about the Open Look GUI.
comp.windows.suit - The SUIT user-interface toolkit.
comp.windows.ui-builders.teleuse - Using/augmenting the TeleUSE UI Builder.
comp.windows.x.i386unix - The XFree86 window system and others.
misc.forsale.computers.discussion - Discussions only about items for sale.
misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.cards.video - Macintosh video cards.
misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.portables - Portable Macintosh systems.
misc.forsale.computers.mac-specific.systems - Complete Macintosh systems.
misc.forsale.computers.monitors - Monitors and displays for sale and wanted.
misc.forsale.computers.other.systems - Complete other types of systems.
misc.forsale.computers.pc-specific.audio - PC audio equipment.
misc.forsale.computers.pc-specific.cards.video - PC video cards.
misc.forsale.computers.pc-specific.motherboards - PC motherboards.
misc.forsale.computers.printers - Printers and plotters for sale and wanted.
misc.industry.pulp-and-paper - Technical topics in the pulp and paper industry.
misc.jobs.offered.entry - Job listings only for entry-level positions.
news.admin.nocem - NoCeM protocol policy issues and information.
rec.arts.comics.elfquest - The Elfquest universe and characters.
rec.arts.sf.starwars.collecting.customizing - Customizing Star Wars toys.
rec.arts.sf.tv.quantum-leap - Quantum Leap TV, comics, cons, etc.
rec.autos.sport.rally - Any type of interest in any form of rally motorsport.
rec.crafts.dollhouses - Collecting and making of dollhouse miniatures.
rec.games.bolo - The networked strategy war game Bolo.
rec.games.computer.quake.editing - Editing and hacking Quake-related files.
rec.games.computer.quake.playing - Playing Quake and user-created levels.
rec.games.computer.quake.quake-c - Modifying Quake with Quake-C.
rec.games.frp.industry - Roleplaying industry & companies.
rec.games.frp.storyteller - World of Darkness and StoryTeller games.
rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.magic.trades - Trading Magic cards.
rec.games.trading-cards.startrek - Star Trek Trading Card Games.
rec.games.video.cd-i - CD-i topics with emphasis on games.
rec.games.video.cd32 - Gaming talk, info and help for the Amiga CD32.
rec.games.xtank.play -Strategy and tactics for the distributed game Xtank.
rec.games.xtank.programmer - Coding the Xtank game and its robots.
rec.music.artists.ani-difranco - Ani Difranco, related topics.
rec.music.artists.danny-elfman - Composer Danny Elfman's music.
rec.music.artists.stevie-nicks - Singer/songwriter Stevie Nicks.
rec.music.artists.wallflowers - Music group The Wallflowers.
rec.music.iranian - Discussion of Iranian music.
rec.parks.theme - Entertainment theme parks.
rec.scouting.guide+girl - Guiding and girl scout organizations.
rec.sport.basketball.women - Women's basketball at all levels.
rec.sport.footbag - Discussion about the sport of footbag.
rec.sport.orienteering -  All matters related to the sport of orienteering.
rec.sport.skating.roller - Conventional (quad) roller skating.
rec.video.dvd.advocacy - DVD-Video pro/con arguments.
sci.aquaria - Only scientifically-oriented postings about aquaria.
sci.engr.coastal - Coastal and ocean engineering.
sci.engr.marine.hydrodynamics - Marine Hydrodynamics.
sci.med.occupational - Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) & job injury issues.
soc.adoption.parenting - Adoptive parenting by adoptive parents.
soc.college.teaching-asst - Issues affecting collegiate teaching assistants.
soc.support.depression.seasonal - Seasonal affective disorder.

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