Terabyte Tuesday!

Alright cool kids… here’s a new promotion that we’ve been cooking up. It’s called Terabyte Tuesday. A few Tuesdays each year we are going to offer our super awesome 1 TB usenet blocks for only $50. That’s a 50% discount over the regular price. We’re not going to announce which days are Terabyte Tuesdays ahead of time, so you’ll have to keep up with us on the NGD blog, our Facebook fan page, or our Twitter account. I’d also like to introduce you to our Terabyte Tuesday mascot the Pterodactyl, the official dinosaur of NewsgroupDirect.Terabyte Tuesday

The first Terabyte Tuesday is today, so take advantage and store up some huge blocks for a rainy day. All of our block accounts include access to our world-class retention (currently just under 1000 days), completion, and speed.

How To Purchase

New users: go to NewsgroupDirect.com/Signup to get started. Existing users: login to your NewsgroupDirect account and click the Add Block button.

Details: Coupons (new or existing) do not apply to special rates on Terabyte Tuesday. The only block that is on sale is the 1 TB (1000 GB) block. Any additional blocks purchased will be purchased at the regular rate (unless it’s another 1 TB block purchased on a Terabyte Tuesday). The sale begins at 12 AM EST on May 10 and ends at 12AM EST on May 11.

4 comments on “Terabyte Tuesday!

  1. ET

    Nice deal! I am just 20 min too late! :/
    Well, I will anxiously wait on my seat for this deal again. Go Terabyte Tuesday!

  2. Jason

    I wish they would at least let us know what months they are going to run this. I don’t feel like checking every Tuesday for the rest of the year for this…sigh. Anyway to get an e-mail sent to me when this deal runs again?