How To Choose A Usenet Service

How to choose a usenet service provider

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a usenet service provider. There are many usenet companies out there and most offer similar services, but there are definitely a few things you should look for when comparing companies and a few reasons why we believe NewsgroupDirect is the best usenet provider around.

Binary Retention

The single most important factor differentiating usenet providers is binary retention, which is the number of days that articles are kept for the binary newsgroups. Most providers now should have at least 2,000 days of binary retention.

NewsgroupDirect is a leader in binary retention, with 2,300+ days as of now. Retention is continually growing at NewsgroupDirect, so we’re effectively never deleting articles to save disk space.

Usenet Server Locations

The location of the usenet server you’re connecting to has a lot to do with the speed of your connection. The theory behind that is simple, if your closer to the server then your data has less distance to travel, yielding a faster connection. So the more servers a provider has the better.

NewsgroupDirect has 3 different server farms; one near Washington, D.C., one in Amsterdam, and one in Frankfurt. These three servers allow us to cover North America and Europe with fast usenet service.

SSL & Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

Usenet users count on their usenet providers keeping their usenet data secure. A couple of common security features among usenet providers are SSL encrypted connections and VPN accounts. We’ll start with SSL. Using SSL with your usenet account essentially encrypts your communications to and from the usenet server. This makes it impossible for outsiders to snoop your data and see what you’re doing.

VPN is the next level of security up from SSL encrypted connections. VPN essentially creates an SSL encrypted connection for your entire internet connection, not just usenet. So it does the same function as SSL, but on a bigger scale. This helps you keep your entire computer safe, including everything from your web browsing to streaming video. VPN also has the added benefit of allowing you to choose where your connection originates from, giving you the ability to appear as if you’re located anywhere you choose… a great way to beat any geo-location checks.

NewsgroupDirect offers SSL encrypted access on all plans except for the Starter plan. We also include VPN access with our unlimited account at no cost. However, all NewsgroupDirect customers can get access to Ghost Path VPN at a discounted rate.

Free Trial

It goes without saying the any decent usenet providers offers a free trial or a money-back guarantee. NewsgroupDirect offers a 7 day or 15 GB free trial, so you have plenty of time to try out our service.

Advanced Features

Header Compression

Header compression is exactly what it sounds like… your header downloads are compressed on the usenet server side so you don’t waste your time/bandwidth downloading. NewsgroupDirect offers free header compression. If your newsreader supports xzver then you’re able to use header compression.

Free Posting

Most providers do not charge for uploading articles to usenet, and that includes NewsgroupDirect. Free posting is an important feature to have if you utilize uBackup.


These are just some of the different features that you’ll find across the various usenet providers. NewsgroupDirect stacks up quite well with the competition, and we think you’ll agree. Signup for a free usenet trial today to see for yourself.

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