Free Unlimited Access for Block Customers During COVID-19

COVID-19 Free Usenet Access

Update: This program has ended. Thanks for your participation!

We’re providing our valued block customers with unlimited usenet access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who is This For?

Our free access is available for all NGD block customers (current customers and new customers). Unlimited customers should continue to use the existing servers.

How Long Will This Last?

We’re not sure. We’re planning on at least 2 months from today (April 17). We’ll re-evaluate then.

How to Access Free Usenet

The only thing you’ll have to change in your configuration is your NNTP address. You’ll need to connect to with your existing username and password. Everything else will stay the same.

Contact [email protected] if you run into any issues.


20 comments on “Free Unlimited Access for Block Customers During COVID-19

  1. William Jason

    Great! Where is that server based? (US, EU, other?)

  2. H dawg

    Wow guys this is amazing. Thank you for being such an awesome company. Your service has always been exceptional but this is above and beyond!

  3. DnA

    This is simply Great. Thank you for stepping up and enabling this. This type of gesture is not soon to be forgotten by me.

  4. Block User

    I’ve noticed that all the data used on has been taken off of my block account? Is this a known glitch, will the data be re-credited? Thanks.

  5. Block User 2

    I also have noticed that some of the data used on has been taken off of my block account. Will the data be re-credited? Thanks.

  6. clemente

    I received this response from NGD support staff:
    “Please disable the block account while using the covid server. Otherwise your news reader will pull articles from both accounts.”

    How do I disable my block account?

    Has anyone solved this problem of having the block account charged while using the covid server?

  7. Waqar

    I use Newsbin and simply disabled the normal servers and just use the covid server

  8. clemente

    To be precise, on my usenet client software I have set the server to the covid server address and entered the login credentials for my block account. I am NOT using any other NGD server except for the covid server. If that satisfies the definition of ‘disabling my block account’, then the problem has not been solved.
    All of the testing done since yesterday has resulted in a full deduction from my block account.
    In other words, there has been nothing FREE that has been downloaded using the covid server and, to make matters worse, the download speeds are much lower than using the regular NGD server addresses.
    I appreciate the generosity of the NGD management to provide a FREE service, but this is not working at the present time.

  9. Block User

    In my case I’d simply changed the host in the existing configuration from to Therefore it couldn’t have been connecting to the normal server anymore, yet all downloads were still taken from my block allowance.

  10. clemente

    Thank you Block User…simply changing the server address is exactly what I did, and you have confirmed the problem that I am experiencing.

  11. Block User 2

    Same here, I only use the “covid” address and despite that my block account available data is going down

  12. Another block user

    Same problem here. I’m only using and it is consuming the data from my block account.

  13. Another block user2

    Same here, support was less than helpful giving the same crap response as clemente got.

  14. Chris

    Exact same issue as clemente. Support told me to just disable my block account while using the covid server…

  15. Waqar

    Checked the NGD website and data does appear to be reducing, sent an email to support as suggested above

  16. UB


    Like many other NGD users here, my data balance too has been getting deducted for using the covid server. Additionally, after exchanging emails with Support, it appears that they are unaware of the issue, or there has been a misunderstanding. Like Chris, they too have instructed me to “disable my block account.”

    Please relay the information to the Support team so that they are informed of this issue.


  17. Randy

    I still haven’t been able to download anything from any server since Friday. My other providers work just fine…what is going on?