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New Unlimited Account Pricing

For over a decade NewsgroupDirect has provided the best usenet access in the world. Now, we’re making it even better. Our unlimited usenet plan is available in 3 tasty flavors, at our best prices ever. Our new pricing for unlimited usenet is as follows: 1 month: $7.95 6 months: $40 12 months: $75 As always,…Continue reading →

Today We Reach 3,000 Days Binary Retention

Today we have reached a new milestone in usenet performance. We have officially hit 3,000 days of binary retention. That means that no article posted in the last 3,000 days has been lost due to a lack of storage space.

Unlimited Usenet Accounts on Sale

It’s been a while since we’ve offered a deep discount on our famous monthly unlimited accounts, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do for the next week.

NewsgroupDirect is Now Accepting PayPal Payments

The addition of PayPal, the industry leader in online payments, gives NewsgroupDirect customers another option for paying for usenet access. NewsgroupDirect also accepts all major credit cards as well as European card payments through WorldPay.

How To Choose A Usenet Service

We know you have lots of choices when it comes to choosing a usenet service provider. There are many usenet companies out there and most offer similar services, but there are definitely a few things you should look for when comparing companies and a few reasons why we believe NewsgroupDirect is the best usenet provider around.

Free Usenet for Bloggers

Do you love usenet? Do you have a blog? Like freebies? If so, we need you! We’re giving away free usenet to bloggers who want to write about NewsgroupDirect.